(Spanish version)

Rafael Artesero, was born in Bilbao,  Basque country Spain

 Rafael has participated four times in Eurovision Song Contest and in many international contests and worked with many important singers all over Europe.

Talking about Eurovision he participated 4 time as a songwriter :

2005 Andorra with the song “La mirada interior”.

2006 represented Andorra again in Eurovision with the song “Sense tu”

2011 represented Spain in Eurovision with the song “Que me quiten lo bailao” 

2014 represented Belgium with the song “Mother”

Winner of the most prestigious international festival nowadays in Spain the festival of La Candelaria awarded with the gold shell  with the song “Ley le lee” the year 2007. also in the same contest Silver shell in 2008 with the song “En el borde del abismo”

In spain has being 2 times second place in the national final for Eurovision 2003 with the song “Mi razon de vivir” and in the year 2007 with the song “La reina de la noche” and finally winner the year 2011 in Spanish national final with “que me quiten lo bailao” out of more than 1.100 songs.

4th place out of 24 countries in one of the most prestigious international contest taking part in the Balkan countries the well known Suncane Skale the year 2009 in Montenegro with the song “Like a wandering star” representing Spain.

3th place in the international Baltic Song Contest in Sweden the year 2014 representing Spain with the song “It’s for you”  also  the Mediterranean song contest 2006 with the song “por verte sonreir”

Represented Lithuania in Astana international contest in Kazakhstan in 2007 with the song “Just for fun” getting the award of the Kazakhstan parliament.

 Rafael Artesero has had several hits around Europe in Lithuania with the song “Just for fun” was a hit  with Aiste Pilvelyte who got the award of the bet song the season 2005/2006 . The song “Melancholia” was a hit in Serbia performed by the most important singer at the moment in Serbia….. Jelena Tomasevic.  The Song “Mother” was two weeks number one on the charts in  Belgium with Axel Hirsoux.

In 2003 the Song “Mi razon de vivir” sold out 500.000 records in Spain it was 8 weeks number one in the charts. It was included in the album  generacion OT,  the most important music TV program ever in Spain with 10 million viewers.

Other well Known singers around Europe have recorded Rafael Artesero songs like Luminita Anghel in Romania, Nucha in Portugal, Karmen Stavec in Slovenia, Dana Marchitan in Moldavia, Ainhoa Cantalapiedra (winner of OT) , the Legendary duo Baccara, Anabel Conde (second place in Eurovision 1995) , Karina, (second place in eurovision 1971) Coral, Rafa Blas (winner of “The voice”) Maika Barbero (the voice spain) And many more in Spain.